Before you buy a cat

KITTENS » Before you buy a cat

Every future cat owner should ask oneself a few basic questions and wonder necessarily if he will have the time as well as the patience for its catlike and sometimes difficult nature. One should realize that cat is not a dog, and does its own thing. In our cattery we follow a few basic rules:

  •  we do not sell cats without the pedigree! A kitten without such a document is not purebred but only in the breed’s type. The pedigree is issued by Felis Polonia (FPL), which belongs to FIFe.
  • the kittens are given to the new owners predominantly between 12 and 15 week of life, for the sake of their physical (deworming, vaccinations, castration) as well as mental health (socialization of kittens).
  • the little ones leave the cattery after the double deworming, vaccination and with chips. The kittens, who will “sit on lap” undergo the sterilisation/castration. Before leaving the cattery they also receive a health certificate.
  • we sign a contract with the future owners, who together with the kitten receive: a pedigree, a copy of parents’ genetic testing, a health certificate, a health card, a passport on the future owner’s request and of course information concerning the further care of the new family member – both at the beginning of the adventure as well as along the way of it.

On our part we are able to reassure the future owner of a little Maine Coon that it will certainly be a cheerful and keen on playing kitten, which will be using the cat scratcher, litter tray and in the first place it will be fully socialized.