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    Arja Dina Perła Annaru*PL

Race: Maine Coon
Born: 4.09.2011
Sex : kotka 0,1
EMS: MCO n 22

In 2011 Arja Dina came to us from Gorzów Wielkopolski. It is the first cat, which belongs to the Maine Coon breed in our cattery, our first jewel. Little, feathery, tabby and fondling-loving kitten has grown up into dignified cat of strong character. She is remarkably dominant and the whole clowder is subservient to her. Arja loves to drink morning coffee with her master as well as to tuck away forbidden delicacies. She is like quicksilver, cannot sit still even five minutes and has got one hundred and twenty ideas per minute. We often call her just Arek  when she gets into mischief.