About us

The plans of setting up the cattery originated in 2009 and since that moment we have been looking for an ideal candidate for the first breeding cat. After the detailed search and reading many websites, I have got into touch with very nice and experienced person, who is Ania Chudoba. She exhaustively explained to me how the management of the cattery works and I am eternally grateful to her for this. After the long period of waiting and preparations, in December 2011, our Arunia finally arrived home. There was no end of joy, but simultaneously the genuine work has begun. There were a lot of duties at the beginning of 2012. The cattery with the Ambrenoir sobriquet was registered and our first breeding tomcat Eldorado was brought home. Our cattery belongs to the Cat Lovers Club in Żory ( which is the part of Polish Felinological Federation “Felis Polska,” which, in turn, is the member of “FIFe,” the biggest felinological federation in the world.

Running of the cattery is not only the pleasure or the material profits, but also a hard work that has to be faced every day. Our cats have taught me that in spite of the adversities we should be always ready to make a move and there are no excuses such as lack of willingness, bad mood or a headache. Every day, they teach us something new and in repay for our daily care they cuddle and purr, which makes even the worst day nice and pleasant. To provide the highest standard of living for our cats we offer them every possible convenience. Every single time the birth of little kittens is regarded as a celebration in our cattery. Everything is meticulously prepared for it, since we cannot allow ourselves for even the slightest mistake or bloomer. Each cat in out cattery is treated equally as a member of the family. Moreover, they have sometimes much more to say than we ourselves.